Our Goals

The National Youth 5K Series (NY5K) is a family-friendly youth running series that encourages children to be active and inspires them to learn to overcome obstacles in life.

The series is produced and presented by Turning Point Sports and serves as the primary method of outreach and engagement for the Team Captain Kids Foundation through the 6-week prep clinics and classroom engagement through the School Series.  All proceeds benefit the Team Captain Kids Foundation and other non-profit youth organizations found on our Partners page.

Our Goals:

  • Teach the love of running
  • Do our part to raise a healthy nation and combat childhood obesity

But our true Mission is to help kids:

OVERCOME challenges in life…

DREAM about their true purpose… and

SUCCEED with help from their Team

We believe the race is a metaphor for life and want to use this race series to provide kids with a recipe for success that can translate into other areas.  There is no question that life is hard and our children will face challenges and adversity… but our goal is to teach and inspire them to meet this adversity with confidence because they have seen it before and practiced successful habits.


The roots of this event series are in Annapolis, MD, with the Annapolis Youth 5K established in 2010 by Jon Brianas, Co-Founder of Turning Point Sports and Founder of the Team Captain Kids Foundation.

Derived from his experience with cancer while playing lacrosse and serving as Team Captain of his U.S. Naval Academy Lacrosse Team, Jon sends a positive message about teamwork, overcoming obstacles, and the role adversity plays in life in pursuit of your dreams.  Through this race series Jon has made it his mission to make cancer give back far more than it ever took away and to make a positive difference in the world by inspiring our nation’s youth to overcome, dream, and succeed in life.

The Annapolis Team has grown over the years and will now serve as the core support group needed to continue this movement… to grow our series… and impact as many youth as we can possibly reach.